by Baby Fire

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released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Baby Fire Brussels, Belgium

Baby Fire is an all-female haunted rock band from Brussels formed around songwriter & lyricist Dominique Van Cappellen- Waldock. It combines the energy of post-punk with feminine sensitivity. The strings are rough, the melodies catchy, the voices enthrall. Baby Fire has collaborated with Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Kevin Thomson (Enablers) and Eve Libertine & Penny Rimbaud (Crass), among other artists ... more

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Track Name: Burning Body, Burning Bed
Burning Body, Burning Bed

this body is burning
hide it under blankets
and pillows
still it howls

this bed is burning
drown it in water
or it will set the house on fire
Track Name: Let It Die
Let It Die

let it bleed, let it die
swallow the blade, drink the poison
let it bleed, let it die
eat your lip, chew your tongue

let it bleed, let it die
strangle your desire, take the knife
let it bleed, let it die
what’s meant for you won’t pass you by
Track Name: Brussels

Brussels, your heart has been corrupted
they added a thick coat of glitter
on your dirty fingernails
they’re sweeping under the carpet
the bums, the punks

Brussels, your heart has been corrupted
we were promised translucent towers
while the butcher butchered on
there goes up one more office block
all glass, no class

Brussels, your heart has been corrupted
they dug deep into your belly
to make way for trains
tourists are found drowning
in chocolate fountains

there’s something slowly rotting at its core
you’ve gone from good-time girl to expensive whore

Brussels, your heart has been corrupted
how many blows to the soul can a city take?
Track Name: Tiger Heart
Tiger Heart

it’s in our hearts
it’s in our blood
it’s in our bones
it’s in our hands

make it tiger
make it flower
make it snowflake
make it flame

make it dragonfly
make it scorpion
make it lightning
make it hail
Track Name: Gold

i’ve been given a new body
a golden one
you make my blood purr
i wear you under my dress
my skin becomes see-through
i’ve been given a new body
a golden one

the flowers come back to life
when you walk into the room
as do the birds in the pattern
of the wallpaper
nothing remains unlit
i’ve been given a new body
a golden one
Track Name: Lovers

surgeons will usually recommend
the obedient will usually recommend
i won’t go back to the swamp
now that I’ve tasted the immensity
of her beauty

long may she reign over me

i’ll live to see them freeze
because of all the things that they didn’t do
because of the dust that covers all that they own
dust will cover it all
dust will cover us all
lovers don’t die in our songs
only egos get crushed
to smithereens

long may she reign over me
Track Name: You, Forever
You, Forever

you, forever
said the mortal woman
you, forever
pleasantly drowning
in the pools of his eyes

it washes over me
fills every pore
it washes over me
gently breaks me open

you, forever
she was not the first to say this
you, forever
you let me see through you
in the dazzling sun
Track Name: Liver

in the slow hours of night
shadows stretch like a cat
i take a dive deep inside you
while you sleep
swim in your arteries
slip under your eyelids
hear the words stuck in your throat

enemies live under your skin
i fight them with my bare hands
until exhaustion forces me back out

lover, won’t you take a piece of my liver?
through a sizeable incision underneath the ribcage
lover, won’t you take a piece of my liver?

you and I have been compatible from the start
i wish to give you a piece of my liver
please accept

lover, won’t you take a piece of my liver?
compatibility of blood type has been proven
lover, won’t you take a piece of my liver?
Track Name: How Do I Love Thee?
How Do I Love Thee?

i keep myself to myself, sleep alone
stay away from drink
i’m sane in the sun, I cope with the storms

but then you had to show up on my doorstep
offering me your wild animal gaze
asking for some water
why did it have to be me?

now I feel I should follow you into the furnace
or I should jump into a well

i keep my heart to myself
yet you always find me

how do I love thee?
let me count the ways
with fear in your belly
stiffness in your fingers
with a twisted ankle
but above all
with a broken neck
Track Name: The Salamander
The Salamander

i see with my whole body
my heart dwells in fire
i drink from the flames
and i feel no pain

like the salamander
i feed on fire
and in this way
i renew my skin

i burn yet i remain undissolved
Track Name: Depletion of Melancholy
Depletion of Melancholy

i gathered all the pieces of my broken soul
stumbled across the garden
to the edge of the pond
i threw the shreds in the water

all is quiet now
there is no breeze in the trees

i gathered all the pieces of my broken heart
placed them carefully in the folds of my dress
slowly i walked out of the house
towards the river
shard by shard I threw my heart to the sun
shard by shard, it came back to me

i treasure you, heart
i treasure you, soul
i shall care for you always
i shall never wish for death again
i love light
i love life

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